About us

Based In Jakarta – Indonesia, we are a non-profit organization that are focused on promoting Indonesia Tourism and support the industry to become excellence. Members are tourism enthusiast and activator. We are associated with world tourism forum institute as our global partner.

Our Mission

  1. Promoting Indonesian tourism in the local and global community
  2. Creating Collaborative-Competitive ecosystem for tourism industry in Indonesia
  3. Driving the development of tourism destination in Indonesia
  4. Connecting and Parnership with global organization like World Tourism Forum institute (WTFI), World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTF), UNWTO, or DinarStandard
  5. Platform to sharing information and knowledge regarding tourism in global or national scale
  6. Providing information and strengthen the global network for business opportunity and investment in Indonesia tourism.
  7. Encourage and Enrich Indonesia tourism human resources by conducting training, conference and webinars.

Our Strategy

  • National and Global Partnership
  • Based on Information and Knowledge
  • Performing based on professionalism and creative approach

Tentang Kami

Berbasis Di Jakarta - Indonesia, kami adalah organisasi nirlaba yang berfokus pada promosi Pariwisata Indonesia dan mendukung industri untuk menjadi yang terbaik. Anggota kami terdiri dari para penggila dan penggerak pariwisata. Kami berasosiasi dengan lembaga forum pariwisata dunia (WTTF) sebagai mitra global kami.

Misi Kami

  1. Memperluas dan mempromosikan kepariwisataan Indonesia secara nasional maupun global.
  2. Berkerjasama dan bermitra dengan organisasi pariwisata internasional spt WTFI, WTTC, UNWTO, DinarStandard
  3. Mendorong terbentuknya ekosistem pariwisata Indonesia supaya kompetitif dalam dunia pariwisata international
  4. Mendorong perkembangan destinasi pariwisata di Indonesia.
  5. Wadah pertukaran informasi, pengetahuan di bidang pengetahuan dibidang pariwisata nasional maupun global
  6. Memberikan informasi dan memperkuat jaringan kesempatan bisnis dan investasi di bidang pariwisata indonesia
  7. Mendorong dan memperkaya sdm kepariwisataan Indonesia melalui training conference dan seminar

Strategi Kami

  • Menjalin Mitra Nasional dan Internasional
  • Berdasarkan pada informasi dan pengetahuan
  • Performa berdasarkan pada profesionalitas dan pendekatan kreatif

Secretariat of Indonesia Tourism Forum

Secretariat Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center | (021) 25558981 | Email : info@itf.or.id
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Our Chairman

Dr. Sapta Nirwandar

was born on May 13, 1954, in Tanjung Karang, Lampung. He completed his study and graduated from several universities in Paris (Institute International d’Administration Publique, Paris; University Paris ISorbonne; Ecole Nationale d’Administration; University Paris IXDauphine) that he finished his Doctor in Public Administration. He speaks English and French fluently. Mr. Nirwandar has an extensive background in international and national public service, including state-owned enterprises and academia. After he returned to Indonesia, he continued his career as a bureaucrat and held several key positions in many Government Offices. In the international forum, he has been selected as a Member of the Program Committee of UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) representing Asia and the Pacific region for the period 2007-2013. With broad experiences in developing tourism, he was invited to share his knowledge in various international forums all over the world. Before retiring as a bureaucrat, he was appointed as the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in 2011 up to 2014. Now he has been actively encouraging the development of Halal Lifestyle industry in the country as the Chairman of Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Centre. He often invited as a speaker in various international Halal seminars and conferences abroad. As his enormous concern for the tourism and travel industry particularly in Indonesia, he now leads the Indonesia Tourism Forum (ITF) and is active to assist government in advancing national tourism development.

Latest News from Indonesia Tourism

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Launching Global Tourism Forum Annual Meeting 2022
Indonesia menjadi tuan rumah perhelatan akbar Global Tourism Forum Annual Meeting 2022 yang rencananya diselenggarakan di Bali, bulan November mendatang. "Global Tourism Forum Annual Meeting adalah event terbesar dalam skala GTF. Pertemuan...
Chairman of Indonesia Tourism Forum Dr. Sapta Nirwandar awarded as Honorary Professor of Silk Road University, Uzbekistan
Chairman of Indonesia Halal lifestyle Center (IHLC) became an Honorary Professor of the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage On December 1 of this year, at the “Silk Road” International...
Mahendra Siregar: GTF Leaders Summit Asia Jadi Konferensi Internasional Pertama di Asia
Wakil Menteri Luar Negri Mahendra Siregar menutup perhelatan akbar Global Tourism Forum  ( GTF) Leaders Summit Asia yang menjadi sinyal kuat bagi kebangkitan pariwisata bukan hanya untuk Indonesia tetapi juga dunia. " Event hybrid...
Ma’ruf Amin Resmi buka Global Tourism Forum 2021
Wakil Presiden (Wapres) Ma’ruf Amin kembali secara konsisten mengingatkan pentingnya pengembangan wisata halal di Indonesia dan kendala yang dihadapi karena rendahnya literasi masyarakat mengenai konsep wisata halal. “Untuk itu, kita...
Hybrid Event Leaders’ Summit Asia - Global Tourism Forum (GTF) 2021
Tourism is one amongst the sectors that's most tormented by the Covid-19, it's indicated by the forceful decrease within the numbers of holidaymaker visits. This event is predicted to be a breakthrough that stimulate the event of business...
Leaders Summit Asia Indonesia
Wakil President Turki Fuat Oktay dan Wakil Presiden RI, Prof Ma'ruf Amin akan membuka secara resmi kegiatan Global Tourism Forum - Leaders Summit Asia di Hotel Raffles, Jakarta, 15-16 September 2021. "Kegiatan hybrid ini secara offline...
Tentang Global Tourism Forum
Global Tourism Forum adalah inisiatif dari World Tourism Forum Institute yang berbasis di London.  Mulai tahun 2020, acara World Tourism Forum Institute akan diberi judul Global Tourism Forum. Pariwisata Global, atau disingkat GTF,...
Global Tourism Forum - Leaders Summit Asia Indonesia (GTF 2021)
Hybrid Event 15-16 September 2021 9am - 8pm Jakarta Time Raffles Hotel, Jakarta Opening: 1. H.E KH. Ma'ruf Amin - Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia 2. H.E Fuat Oktay - Vice President of the Republic of Turkey Keynote...
Media Group News Summit: Indonesia 2021 - Solusi Maju Bersama, 27-28 Januari 2021
Media Group News Summit: Indonesia 2021 - Solusi Maju Bersama, 27-28 Januari 2021. Sebuah hybrid event terbesar tahun ini untuk mencari solusi terbaik bagi Indonesia. Dalam tema: Wonderful Indonesia: Reviving The Tourism Industry. Kamis, 28...
Hybrid Launching Buku "Kepariwisataan NTT Menuju Kelas Dunia"
"Kepariwisataan NTT Menuju Kelas Dunia" Penulis Sapta Nirwandar dan Frans Teguh   Hari/ Tanggal : Selasa, 22 Desember 2020 Pukul 14.00-17.00 wib Via Zoom Webinar dan streaming YouTube Agenda : (1)  ...
Indonesia Tourism Forum (ITF) as the representative of World Tourism Forum Institute (WTFI) proudly announced the hybrid event   GLOBAL TOURISM FORUM - RECOVERY AND BEYOND SUMMIT 2020. The conference will be held as Hybrid - in...


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