Hybrid Event Leaders’ Summit Asia - Global Tourism Forum (GTF) 2021

15-Sep-2021 by Administrator

Tourism is one amongst the sectors that's most tormented by the Covid-19, it's indicated by the forceful decrease within the numbers of holidaymaker visits. This event is predicted to be a breakthrough that stimulate the event of business trade not solely in Indonesia however conjointly the world. For Indonesia, the amount of foreign tourist arrival in 2020 only reached 4.02 million visits or decreased by 75.03% compared to 2019 that was recorded at 16.11 million visits. Indonesian Government rank on health and safety aspects of its individuals by the implementation of health protocol and Covid-19 vaccination to boost the business sector in 2021. The vaccination program carries out with the proper target and priorities to attain herd immunity by the tip of 2021. As a shot to stop the unfold of Covid-19, it's targeted that 77% or around 208 million of Indonesian population are often vaccinated. This can be a game amendment for the tourism sector. This pandemic has been an excellent challenge for the tourism sector to be able to rise and contribute to the national income. The government conjointly noted a change in post-pandemic tourism trends, particularly nature-based tourism destinations, less crowded with guests and concern concerning hygiene, health, safety and property (4K) factors. Furthermore, the trend of world business is additionally marked by the increasing numbers of halal holidaymaker destination in varied countries, not solely in countries with majority Moslem population. This can be driven by the increasing numbers of Moslem travellers, particularly from geographic area countries. In line with the planet trend in developing 4K, halal tourism has also developed the idea of fulfilling aspects of cleanliness, comfort, and conformity with spiritual guidance. In its implementation, the event of halal tourism continues to be strained by the low of community literacy. For this reason, we tend to all ought to still improve public attainment on the idea of Halal business. For Indonesia country, the concept of Halal tourism suggests that the fulfilment of halal service facilities that are friendly for Moslem holidaymaker in tourist destination, corresponding to accommodation, halal restaurants or food, adequate places of worship, and alternative halal service facilities. This effort is meant to support Indonesia to become a frontrunner in international halal tourism moreover on increase the interest of world Moslem tourists visits in Indonesia. Indonesian government has established a health protocol supported Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment Sustainability (CHSE) in organizing its business activities. The CHSE-based health protocol is that the normal for Indonesia tourism sector. So as to be able to run well it needs the support of all stakeholders, moreover as tourists, each domestic and international to strictly follow the implementation of CHSE health protocol. This event is going to be expected to produce the tourism activities to line the most effective strategic recommendation in a very effort to support the recovery of not the planet tourism industry, however also Indonesia in order to revive and boost the community’s economy.

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